We’re a Crowdfunding Agency*

We help creative people, businesses and nonprofits conceive, design,
launch and support their crowdfunding campaigns.

If you’ve got a dream project you’d like crowdfund
we can help you tell your story and bring that dream to life.

And because we know that if you had the budget for a big ad campaign
that you wouldn’t need to crowdfund in the first place…

We will run your entire campaign with Absolutely Zero Up-Front Fees.

Not every crowdfunding campaign succeeds and not every project will be a perfect fit for RayGun V but
if you’ve got a cool idea for a crowdfunding project we’d like to talk with you…

Because telling amazing stories that capture that imagination of the crowd in order to transform an idea into reality is what we do.


Tell Us About Your Project


*Which means we’re not a crowdfunding platform but we do have the marketing, copywriting, crowdfunding and social media experience to take your project to the right platform and make it a success.


What We Do

The very first thing we do is talk to you and hear about your project. 

Then if we all determine that you, your project and RayGun V are a good fit we’ll work with you to craft the best possible campaign.

Every creator and project is unique and so is every campaign we create but the following are some of the things we can do for you…

We work with you to….

  • Determine your target goal amount.
  • Create a compelling pitch for your project.
  • Brainstorm effective and exciting rewards and reward levels.

Create and manage every aspect of your Kickstarter campaign.  

RayGun V will

  • Setup and manage your Kickstarter page.
  • Create compelling copy throughout the page including the project description, rewards, updates and video script.
  • Produce a strong and dynamic project video.
  • Promote your project through social media.
  • Engage backers in an ongoing conversation about your project

Our Campaigns

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RayGun V Team

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Contact Info

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760 Chapel Street New Haven,CT 06510